KB Marine Restorations

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Photo Gallery 

Bow area had extensive damage in black gelcoat.  
Body worked, color matched, sprayed with gelcoat, wet sanded and polished.  Customer did not want to replace rub rail.  

Aft corner had a chunk falling off (after being hit) at the point where three characters lines met.   

Had to cut out all of the bad fiberglass in order to make the repair properly. 

After applying new fiberglass, the body work took some time to reshape those three character lines that were missing.   At this stage is was ready for a primer coat of gelcoat.  

After sanding down the primer coat of gelcoat we color matched and sprayed gelcoat around the repair, wet sanded and polished. 

1967 Boston Whaler Montauk refinished with a bright white gelcoat.    Topside restoration is next. 

1984 Corsa sanded and ready for primer and gelcoat before we flip it back over to refinish the topside

1984 Corsa primed and ready to be prepped for gelcoat.  

1984 Corsa:  Customer wants to fill in the dash cut-outs to start with a clean slate for updated instruments. 

1984 Corsa: Wood core glassed in place on the dash. Next up is body work, primer and paint. 

1984 Corsa: Forward hatches glassed in place.  More photos to come as we finish up body work and paint.

I was contracted to do some structural repairs on an observatory dome.  These are just a few photos from the project.  

Back to Boats... 

Not sure how but the fiberglass around the water fill was crushed on one side.  

After grinding and applying new fiberglass. 

Body worked and prepped for gelcoat.  Even though it was a small area this took some doing.  There is a flange built into the fiberglass that the water fill is bedded on. 

New color matched gelcoat applied.  Gelcoat is thicker than paint and requires quite a bit of wet sanding due to the orange peel left after spraying.  

All done after wet sanding, polishing and bedding the fill with silicone.   

Before & After Photos of some projects plus a few random pics

Fiberglass & Gelcoat Restorations